Thursday, 23 July 2020

Chicago, blessed the Canadians in their midst

Paintings & Posters used to picket the 2016 Alberta Government's ban on Art/ Freedom of Expression/FreePress
Four Indian heads, Redman left for dead, Alberta Legislature rotunda

Painting, Posters and News Pickets
'The Speakers Banned Speech & Wear t-shirt'

"Point of Order" 
The friendly smile of Speaker (Hon) Nathan Cooper.
"Thanks for being here" by Doug Brinkman July, 2020
“Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter. The sitter is merely the accident, the occasion. It is not he who is revealed by the painter; it is rather the painter who, on the coloured canvas, reveals himself.” Oscar Wilde.
Intuitive, outsider art
The Speakers Banned Speech and Wear designer t-shirts was born while Chicago Exploring July 5-8, 2019. Inspired from the art installation of Virgil Abloh's "Figures of speech" and INTUIT Art Gallery, outsider, intuitive art. This 2020 Freedom to Express & Listen art project will answer Speaker Nathan Cooper's Sgt-At-Arms question he posed to me June, 2019 "Is the Alberta Legislature an honourable place?" He was angry when he asked me this question, inches away from my face in an intimidating way, after he and staff banned my t-shirt and bullied me in an unsesured location outside the assembly. I was wearing a t-shirt I created with my own art to help promote my citizen free news inside the public gallery. One LASS employee who took my photo said the complaint originated from a reporter sitting in the press gallery. (There was only one reporter that day) Inside the Government's Speaker Nathan Cooper's assembly anyone can wear mostly anything they choose such as an Oilers, Flames hockey jersey. They can dress as a queen, wear union labels on thier jackets and advertise thier company "We Love Alberta Oil & Gas" but God help you if you create your own art on a t-shirt and a news reporter catches you. While painting outdoors, putting up posters around town and news picketing outside the Alberta Legislature I'm committed to answer the good Srg-At-Arms question  on the Legislature being honourable later this year after December 21, 2020... Enjoy your freedoms, thank a veteran.   

Last night in #Chicago, Exploring July 5-8, 2019, we ate in China town. That cab driver got an earful from my wife Sarah when he tried to tell us that neighborhood was terrible and too far to drive out to... We took the red train back to the hotel. “Let me tell you something. I’m from Chicago. I don’t break.” ―Barack Obama

outside wearing my O Canada t-shirt

Navy Pier, windy city #Chicago exploring July 5-8, 2019 (last day) As a tear wells up in my eye, I'm so grateful we made it to Chicago last year, inspired by it's museums and beautiful people. “Blessed are the people of Chicago, and blessed the strangers in their midst, it is honest, and it is abundant.” James
Chicago Exploring July 5-8 2019, 1 AM Sarah went to bed. I went out looking for a 7-11 as everything was closed inside our Downtown Sheraton Grand./CRACK 3 black men running away while a 4th big black guy lay on the road twitching in a pool of blood by the hotel #187 Sketch Study

Alberta Legislature 2020-07-08: I'm halfway through my 2020 Freedom to Express & Listen art project, inspired while #Chicago Exploring July 5-8, 2019. I hope by the end of the year I'll be able to answer the Sgt.-At-Arm's question he asked me spring 2019 "Is this (The Alberta Legislature) an honourable place?"
 Painting, POSTERS and Pickets 

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