Thursday, 2 July 2020

Welcome Back Alberta Art Gallery of Alberta

2020-06-29 "Art is made for people to react." Happy the Art Gallery of Alberta has reopened. This paint study I did inside the AGA now hangs in a New York law office. I met the N.Y. based lawyer during one of my Alberta Legislature outdoor art shows & tell. Being Canadian the lawyer said he missed the prairie life, small towns and growing up in Western Canada. I handed him the painting he wanted to buy (no sale) & said enjoy it, it belongs to you. Painting is a hobby for me and part of the joy is meeting folks and sharing the stories behind my work. Most paintings I give away or paint over for future art projects. Enjoy your freedoms, thank a veteran. Doug Brinkman
July 2, 2020, My first day back sketch studying inside the Art Gallery of Alberta. 
Today's AGA Art Gallery of Alberta 50 minute/sketch study/ Corel draw altered, I'll just call #FlowerPower, inspired by Bruno Canadien and Niki Little's combined installation GIFT.

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