Saturday, 20 June 2020

#ShameTheMan, Indigenous month

Solstice Week Painting, 2020
Shame/ridicule pole used for public ridicule are usually called shame poles, and were created to embarrass individuals or groups for their unpaid debts or when they did something wrong. The poles are often placed in prominent locations and removed after the debt is paid or the wrong is corrected. Wikipedia.
Red Woman in Veterans Park 
2020-06-22 This young lady is the inspiration behind my Solstice 2020 week painting '#ShameTheMan with love' Totem. When she asked me to buy her a cell phone, give money but I had no chance, she said give her something so I gave her my poster and a pen to draw on the back with. I shared her story with my (Hon) friend Rick Wilson, Minister of indigenous relations and his chief of staff who is First nations. He said we have to help her... I met Jenna in Veterans park last Friday crawling in the dirt wearing no top. While painting over the weekend I was surrounded each day by young men and women graduates in beautiful dresses and suits for graduation pictures. Quite the contrast to Jenna (Not her real name) Sunday was indigenous Day.

2020-06-20 Summer Solstice '#ShameTheMan with love' totem. 
'#ShameTheMan with love' (Backside) 
'Sunset, getting dark' (Front side)

2020-06-20: Completed backside '#ShameTheMan (with love)' Urban art renewal paint over the original 2015 'River valley trail' (below). I decided to make a title change from 'Shame TheMan with Love (totem)' to 'Sunset, getting dark' during the week, leading up to solstice. 
Art Show and Tell during Solstice week on the Alberta Legislature grounds.

Dawn Marie is an amazing artist. I was honoured to meet and interview her during the 2014 WORKS FESTIVAL. So inspired by her work I volunteered all week in her tent, giving out fidget stones to folks visiting her display. Since then I decided to give away fidget stones at will during my outdoor art shows and tell. 

Is the Alberta Legislature an honourable place,
or am I in the wrong place? 

2020 Freedom to Express and Listen art project
Part of my mission behind the 2020 social art project is to answer the question the Sgt-At-Arms posed to me outside the Alberta Legislature assembly June 2019 "is the Alberta Legislature an honourable place?" He asked me this question in a very aggressive way, after he and his staff removed me from the assembly's public gallery, banning me from wearing a t-shirt that I created with art with words that read "Pipelines, Alberta United, A Nation Divided" The ban of my t-shirt was after the Speaker received a complaint from the press gallery.

Wednesday, 17 June 2020

"In drawing, one must look for or suspect that there is more than is casually seen." George Bridgman

Art Is Freedom
Professional Native Indian Artists Inc.
Art Gallery of Alberta sketch studies by Doug Brinkman

"Photography is an immediate reaction, drawing is a meditation." 
Henri Cartier-Bresson
"Drawing is the artist's most direct and spontaneous expression, a species of writing: it reveals, better than does painting, his true personality." 
Edgar Degas
"In drawing, one must look for or suspect that there is more than is casually seen."  
George Bridgman
“I draw like other people bite their nails.”  
Pablo Picasso

Art is Freedom
2016 Fire and Rain art project Logo by Doug Brinkman. Logo inspired from the sketch studies I did of the GROUP OF SEVEN: Janvier, Ray, Morrisseau, Odjig, Sanchez, Beardy and Cobiness. Art bLog.

The Professional Native Indian Artists Incorporation (PNIAI), informally known as the Indian Group of Seven, was a group of First Nations artists from Canada, with one from the United States. Founded in November 1973, the they were Indigenous painters who exhibited in the larger art world. The nickname is an allusion to the Group of Seven, a Euro-Canadian group of painters from the early 20th century. Wikipedia

Friday, 12 June 2020

"I see buffalo"- Kerra, Special K

'Be like the buffalo' - Jason Kenney.
Buffalo Eye, 20-20 Vision
April 18, 2020 : This is Kerra, a carpenter in her 40s from Drayton Valley. Kerra's street name is Special K, homeless living on the streets of Edmonton, Kerra went to the same high school where Drayton Valley UCP MLA Mark Smith taught in high school. She kept me company the whole time as I painted over the Walterdale Bridge art project, now named "Buffalo Eye" thanks to Kerra who said she sees a buffalo in my painting. She got out some paper from her pack and began to draw while I painted. Early this week Premier Kenney said as Albertans we must try to be like the buffalo herds, staying close together in our communities, helping each other while facing today's adversities of COVID19 and Canada's failing economy.

YouTube: "Buffalo Eye, 20-20 Vision" was painted over two other paintings joined together with 3 staples showing the old Walterdale bridge and the construction of the new Walterdale bridge. 2020 Freedom to Express and Listen.
2020-04-18 I painted over the Walterdale Bridge art project, now named "Buffalo Eye" thanks to Kerra who said she sees a buffalo in my painting. She got out some paper from her backpack and began to draw while I painted. This is Special K rummaging through the garbage after we said goodbye

If I continue to remain healthy & COVID19 free, I'll be freely expressing my art outdoors on the Alberta Legislature grounds and secret hiding places in the river valley in the coming days, while practising Social Distancing.

Sunday, 7 June 2020

2020-06-07  Seven Years ago today June 7, 2017: I met my barefooted friend for the 3rd time in the river valley today while out hiking the trails. His beard has grown twice as long since the last time we met which was early last fall I think. He was clearing away some shrubs the city had cut and left behind so the tall grass underneath could get some air and light. We talked for awhile... probably over an hour - his mind is sharp as a whip as he remembered me well - like two old friends. I still don't know his name but we call each other friend. We both love the river valley and the nature that surrounds us. This is a drawing from memory of my friend first time we met early 2014. Bare footed then he was just staring at the sun setting when we first met along the banks of the North Saskatchewan.

River Valley Joe

Front: River Valley Joe, ANARCHY 2017, 2019

Back: Be like the buffalo, Deja vu, 2020-05-27

'Ere on the side of caution when you're dealing with the future unknown.'
"Be like the buffalo"- Jason Kenney 2020-06-01 

Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Thank you Rachel Notley 'STOP!'

on location Alberta Legislature grounds, flowering shrub, second painting in 3 years, I would do more like this except this bush only bears flowers for a week every 3 years. Titled 'STOP!' Take in the moment. 2020 Freedom to Express and Listen art project. 2020-06-02 Update. The painting has found a new home with the Honourable Leader of Her Majesty's Official Opposition Rachel Notley. A token of my appreciation, her pubic service to Alberta.  

To Doug Brinkman May 20, 2015  
Re-Coffee with MP Linda Duncan  
Rossdale Community Hall meeting.
I too was at the meeting tonight and as a Muslim woman was appalled that you were asked to leave. This was obviously not a women’s only event and no woman there (Muslim or not) should have felt threatened by your (or any male) presence. Those of us who choose to cover in front of men were covered and those who choose not to sit by or speak to men had plenty of opportunity to exercise their right by sitting elsewhere. As a mother of three sons I teach my boys to stand up for all woman and their rights, how would they do this if we alienated them from the issues that affect woman? I do not know the reasons the one person had asked you to be removed and I cannot judge, but I am very sorry you had to go through this! I hope this event does not stop you from attending future events or impression you to think Muslim woman are closed minded or unapproachable to discuss important matters such as our freedoms. 

I'm still on the wrong side of capitalism

Art is my freedom July 10, 2014 Sitting on a red chair inside the Art Gallery of Alberta holding my new painting in oils 'Froz...