Monday, 6 April 2020

#Yeg April Urban Art Renewal Poster & Pickets

EDMONTON, ALBERTA LEGISLATURE 2020 Freedom to Express & Listen art project began with April 1, 2020, with Urban Art Renewal & Thank you Pickets. If I continue to remain healthy & COVID19 free, I'll be freely expressing my art outdoors on the Alberta Legislature grounds and secret hiding places in the river valley in the coming days, while practising Social Distancing.

2020-04-11 LOOKING BACK TO SPRING TIME 2017 Not A Bystander Art Project "Thank you Canada, Thank you Justin Trudeau" Edmonton, Alberta Legislature, while painting "The Flowering Shrubs" I met my new friend Nidel, a Syrian refugee whose family has made Edmonton thier new home. 2020 The bloody conflict, now in its 10th year, has killed at least 400,000 people and has driven millions of others from their homes, according to the UN. Compare the Syrian death toll of 400,000 to the 103,536 humans who have died due to Covid19 worldwide to date. 10 Million Syrians have been driven from thier homes whereas 1,712,674 are currently infected with COVID19, some are hospitalized where most infected are restricted to thier homes. As of today, 388,910 have recovered completely from symptoms of COVID19. but in Syria the Syrian people are still being killed and driven away from thier homes. The vast majority of civilian deaths have been from Syrian and Russian airstrikes. 2017 "The Flowering Shrubs"
AGA, My 20-minute sketch study of Marc Chagall's "In the land of gods."

In our life there is a single color, 
as on an artist's palette, which provides 
the meaning of life and art. 
It is the color of love. 
 Marc Chagall

2019 Sideways, Racism & Hate by Doug Brinkman

Photo while Chicago Exploring July 5-8, 2019. Marc Chagall's Stained glass window. Art Institute of Chicago.

Work isn't to make money; 
you work to justify life. 
 Marc Chagall 

 Only love interests me, and I am only in contact 
with things that revolve around love. 
 Marc Chagall

AGA, My 20-minute sketch study of Marc Chagall

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