Sunday, 22 March 2020

Wear red as we go marching (Rome is burning)

Wear red as we go marching (Rome is burning) 
March 22, 2020 Final day painting

2020-03-22 ALBERTA LEGISLATURE Completed today "Wear red as we go marching - Rome is burning" Day 1001 freely expressing art in the streets and public squares of Edmonton since March 2015. Main Main Website ENJOY YOUR FREEDOMS/ THANK A VETERAN!
2020-03-22 Artist Log: This year my social art project Freedom to Express & LISTEN hopes to answer 2 very important questions for me. First, is the Alberta Legislature an honourable place? Second will I learn to be a better listener to my wife, family, friends and to strangers in my community by the end of 2020? We talk about how free speech and freedom of expression is so important in a free and open society, but without using our ears to hear listening, what good is free speech? 
Fire Of Rome by Hubert Robert. In my painting the flames exceeds outside the gates of Rome and all around the world with respects to coronavirus, world failing economies, wars, rumours of war and climate emergency. There is no Nero like person seen in my painting because we are mostly confined to our homes during the pandemic.  

Wear red as we go marching (Rome is burning) 
March 1, 2020 First day painting

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