Sunday, 1 March 2020

March Women's History Month - LISTEN

March - Women's History Month

My Freedom to Express & LISTEN art project has been in the planning stages since I decided to take this project on while Chicago exploring INTUIT intuitive, outsider art and Chicago's MCA Virgil Abloh's 'figures of speech.' March 19, 2020 I'll bid adieu to my 13 years of civil information activism's 'citizen free news' and launch this new art project on the first day of spring solstice. It's a project that will review 5 years, 1000 art shows, demonstrations and pickets defending my personal right to free speech, freedom of expression and free press while going forward with new social art projects to discover. Paintings, posters and my new designer line of The Speakers Banned Free Speech and Wear t-shirts will be another means I'll use to help distribute news through Civil Information Actions.
Civil Information Activism
Respects people, property and the rule of law.  

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