Sunday, 16 February 2020

I want to give Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs my designer T-shirt The Speakers Banned Free Speech and Wear 'Red man left for dead' Share the story behind my t-shirt about the Alberta Legislature 1913 Indian Heads inside the Legislature's rotunda. Inspired by the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art. Virgil Abloh's 'Figures of speech' created and presented in the Alberta Legislature for Black History Month 2020. I am an Wet'suwet'en ally.
The first black T-shirt 'Red man left for dead' printed went to a Wet'suwet'en father's daughter who took this photo of me with her dad the day the RCMP made arrests. The second t-shirt printed 48 hours later went to my friend the Honourable Minister Rick Wilson Minister of Indigenous Relations. Both heard the story about the Alberta Legislature 4 Indian heads inside the rotunda.  

2020-02-21: Freedom of the press: Last year on this day I completed my 120th day picketing for a press pass. I met with my MLA NDP David Shepherd and advised him I would be spoiling my ballot in the 2019 spring election because I no longer believe the Alberta Legislature represents a democracy for the people but a corporate democracy where only the corporate news media elite can enjoy freedom of the press. I protested outside David Shepherd's campaign office sometimes 3 times everyday last year. I completed 211 PRESS PASS (DENIED) PICKETS to date and plan to hang up my citizen free news camera March 20, 2020. I will be doing some citizen news coverage to keep active in case the UCP Government honours our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, especially for those the corporate media ignore. All Canadians deserve a voice and to be heard. Omar Khadr, Carbon Tax, Jobs, IdleNoMore, Syria, 911 Truth... 
Outsider, Intuitive art: 2015-02-20 5 years ago today FRIDAY MORNING COMEDY OF ERRORS Pushing the limit, ill prepared on location painting. Today I learned acrylics don't dry well in -11C. I remembered to bring lots of plastic bags but forgot to bring rags. TOO LATE paint everywhere including my nose... This was a structure study of the Shaw Conference center for my painting The Poet & the Judge, We First Nations, Métis and Inuit - Completed March 30, 2015: Truth TRC Video Presentations. 
2020-02-20 Edmonton, Alberta Legislature 2020-02-19 Celebrating Black History Month. Up to snow good creating another snow angel HeART 🥁⭕️ I'm not First Nations, I'm Canadian. I'm a Wet'suwet'en Ally.  “I don’t want no drummer. I set the tempo.” Blues singer Bessie Smith My first guest to my outdoor Legislature art installation "I set the tempo" was Alberta's first African Minister, the Honourable Kaycee Madu. 

ART IS FREEDOM - PICKET, Today a 30 year old First Nations woman wrote on my picket placard "Sovereignty is Freedom, Back away from the corporation of Canada and join Turtle Island." Dene Warrior Naneeya Bizness 20XX

I'm still on the wrong side of capitalism

Art is my freedom July 10, 2014 Sitting on a red chair inside the Art Gallery of Alberta holding my new painting in oils 'Froz...