Wednesday, 6 November 2019

A pensive looking Justin Trudeau by Doug Brinkman. I developed this painting soon after sorting out one photo that stood out above the hundreds I took during a 2013 staged Liberal Trudeau rally, speech, photo oopts of hugging babies and Albertans in Louise McKinney Park. I was searching for a photo where Trudeau did not look like he was putting on an act for the news media.

A photo op, short for photograph opportunity, is an arranged opportunity to take a photograph of a politician, a celebrity, or a notable event. The term was coined by the administration of US President Richard Nixon. William Safire credited its coinage to Bruce Whelihan, an aide to Nixon Press Secretary Ron Ziegler. Wikipedia
Tax Funded Anti Hate Political Photo Oops
Alberta Government, City of Edmonton, and News Media Staged Photo Oops.

Tax Funded Anti Hate Political Photo Oopt Backfires

The Government of Alberta, 
City of Edmonton and News Media tax-funded political campaign backfires...
"Fuck Off," said the Love, Inclusiveness Thug

I'm still on the wrong side of capitalism

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