Monday, 8 July 2019

2019-10-05 I will not be occupying a seat in the Alberta Legislature public gallery as originally planned this fall for fear of more reprisal from the Srg-At-Arms and his staff. There are no security cameras outside the chambers to protect the public.

Alberta Legislature Spring Session: During another evening of NDP filibustering, a visibly angry overtired Sergeant-at arms pulled me out from the assembly's public gallery into the hallway and surrounded me with 3 members of his LASS staff taking photos of me. Angered, he asked me up close into my face in very intimidating way "Do you believe this (Alberta Legislature) is an honourable place?" He scolded me this evening for wearing a t-shirt in the public gallery that read "Pipelines, Alberta United, A Nation Divided" after receiving a complaint from the press core. I was also scolded for using American sign language inside the public gallery. The t-shirt in question that I wore that day was used to promote my citizen free news stories on pipelines and featured my web address. I've worn this T-shirt over a year inside the Legislature  without any complaints. People who use the public gallery can wear hockey jerseys, union logos, corporate logos and can dress up wearing drag...  

The next day I watched from the Alberta Legislature public (not empty press) gallery members of the Somali community join Government and official Opposition in applause and raise up a Somalian flag over the Alberta Legislature assembly in front of the watchful eyes of the Honourable Speaker Nathan Cooper, Legislature Assembly Security Services (LASS) Employees and  the Sergeant-at-arms Brian Hodgson...

"If you don't like our rules then don't come here anymore" - Retired police officer, (LASS) employee to the Sergeant-at-arms office after banning me for wearing a T-Shirt that said "Pipelines- Alberta United, A Nation Divided" and my use of the silent ASL in the Alberta Legislature public gallery. 

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