Monday, 8 July 2019


20- Am I in the wrong place?
20 Inaugural Posters
Freedom to Express and Listen T-Shirt

Is the Alberta Legislature an honourable place or am I in the wrong place? I was first banned from freely expressing art in public 3 times in 2016. The (Hon) Speaker Wanner's Srg-At-Arms banned my ART from being displayed on the Alberta Legislature grounds in part because he claimed my citizen free news stories were inaccurate & hurting the NDP Government. After winning back my freedom to express my news with art on the grounds after a day of protest, I responded to the Srg-At-Arms criticism of my citizen free news work and moved into the Alberta Legislature assembly's public gallery beginning the fall of 2017 for the next 2 years, sometimes day and night to better myself as citizen news activist reporting the news. I was banned again June 2019 by UCP (Hon) Speaker Cooper Srg-At-Arms for wearing my news story "Pipelines, Alberta United, A Nation Divided" on a T-Shirt that included this website address and artwork I freely expressed. I was also banned for using American Sign Language in the gallery. 

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