Monday, 29 February 2016

O'Canada, I am a man, On guard for thee...

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The 2020 Freedom to Express and Listen art project draws from the last 6 years of my producing social art projects, shared freely in the streets and public squares of my community. It's an outlet for me to exercise my creativity dailey, while defending my right to freely express my art in a free democratic society that values free speech, freedom of expression and a free press. It furthers my commitment to share news and information to my community as I have for 13 years, now on T-shirts.
Be positive. The role of art is to inspire hope and find solutions. It should be used for healing. 2017 Not a Bystander art project survey.
1000 days personal milestone Art Shows & Tell, Painting Demonstrations & Pickets defending my right to Freedom Of Speech, Freedom Of Expression & Freedom of Press 2015-03-30 to 2020-03-02. My first outdoor art show and tell on Truth and Reconciliation. Today I'll be painting 'Wear red as we go marching' outside the Alberta Legislature.
Alberta Legislature Singing O'Canada 'On guard for thee' is the first order of business given as a promise towards all other Canadians. Each week guests, UCP & NDP sing it loudly, proudly in his or her own tongue & lyrical way. 'For thee' includes all Canadians regardless thier politics. Looking forward to another week inside the Legislative assembly's public gallery.
ALBERTA LEGISLATURE March 1, 2016 4 years ago today the after the NDP Ministry of Infrastructure facilities manager reversed her verbal ban in writing allowing me paint and show my art depicting Alberta Wildfires on the Alberta Legislature grounds. I posed on the steps V-for Victory after my 1 man protest won back my right to Free Speech, Freedom of Expression and Freedom of the Press. Fire & Rain artist bLog
2020-03-01 V-For Victory, March 1, 2016 4 years ago today next to Premier Rachel Notley's office I completed my first painting after the verbal ban was reversed in writing by the NDP Ministry of Infrastructure facilities manager, now allowing me paint freely and show my art about the Alberta Wildfires on the Alberta Legislature grounds. I painted 24 painting for my 2016 Fire and Rain art project. Fire & Rain artist bLog
ALBERTA LEGISLATURE 4 years ago today 2020-02-29 professional street photographer Axelin Arenas Lopez took my picture while I was protesting the NDP Government's Ministry of Infrastructure facilities Mgmt verbal art ban over her liability concerns.📣I defended my Canadian Charter right to Free Speech, Freedom of Expression & Freedom of the Press & won after protesting outside the Art Gallery of Alberta NDP fundraising dinner that was shut down that same night by the ethics commissioner. The Ministry of Infrastructure facilities Mgmt reversed her ban in writing a few days later.

2020-03-07 Fun times/ Days a set painter - 5 years ago today I added texture to the walls of the staircase leading upstairs on the set of "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" by Edward Albee - Directed by Adam Kuss - April 8-18, 2015. I was honoured to be Walterdale's PR director under 5 artistic directors for 10 years. A lot of what I learned at the Playhouse I apply to my activism today...

I'm still on the wrong side of capitalism

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